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Wale'keru, Research Magazine on Culture and Development, was created by the voluntary efforts of the Laboratory (L+iD) to disseminate the theoretical and practical advances in the relations between culture and development. It is intended for culture and development researchers and agents, for international organizations focusing particularly on culture and cooperation for development, for the international academic community and for the social groups interested in the field of human and cultural development.

The wish to create the magazine resulted from having detected the necessity of new dissemination platforms for work and research focused on development through culture. This way, Wale'keru, Research Magazine on Culture and Development, aims to add visibility to the new research and innovations in this field.

Wale'keru also intends to become a meeting point for researchers to strengthen the exchange of thoughts which connect the theory and practice between culture and development. It also has the goal of becoming a vital point and a point of reference for the formula of culture and development. It also intends to constitute a window in the direction of innovative advancement and social practices, which, through culture, contribute to overcoming poverty and to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Ibero-American Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Culture and Development (L+iD) is a project of interuniversity and scientific cooperation part of the Interuniversity Cooperation Project (PCI) of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Wale'keru nº 1 available for free download.

Wale'keru nº 2 available for free download.

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