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Wale'keru. Research Journal in Culture and Development

Wale'keru is an international, digital six-monthly journal, with possible extra issues, focused on the publication of scientific research, studies and projects on the relations between Culture and Development, published by the University of Girona and the Technological University of Bolívar in Colombia.

It is the result of an inter-university and scientific cooperation project between these Universities funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, and meets the need to further study the cultural dimension of development in its different dimensions according to the new needs that the international community has expressed in the latest decisions and agreements at the international level in this field.


  • To publish works that can contribute to a higher knowledge of culture and to develop research on topics directed towards development through culture.
  • To promote relationships, exchanges and publication of scientific work for the consolidation of a community of knowledge in this field.
  • To share research, studies and projects of general interest in the field of Culture and Development.
  • To publish successful experiences and their reflection as a form of knowledge management.
  • To provide information on the publications, meetings, events and the implementation of projects related to the contents of the journal.
  • To constitute a space of promotion, dissemination of proposals and intellectual progress and reflections by widely experienced professionals.

The editorial review of the journal consists of professionals of proven record in several areas of culture and development cooperation.


The main goal of the Journal of Research on Culture and Development is the publishing of unpublished works with research results at a general level in their respective fields. It also accepts collaborations from independent researchers not linked to an official research program.

The topics of the articles published in Wale’keru are mainly about Culture and Development, primarily their intersection, understood as a subject that addresses cultural factors that influence the processes of development, the contribution of culture to sustainable development and the integration of culture in development cooperation policies. It has a special interest in reports, studies and experience on the same topic.

Wale'keru no. 1 available for free download.

Wale'keru no. 2 available for free download.

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