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Las Américas


Las Américas is an exposition based on graphical materials from the EFE agency and from other archives specialized in the Latin American area which try to serve as a visual chronicle created with the contribution of women for the construction of America and the recognition of fundamental rights. Women as protagonists and leaders of the story of the exposition. Curated by Alfons Martinell, the exposition will allow us to get to know individual persons, social and collective facts, images of every day and social life, historical facts, conflicts and social and artistic movements representing the past 100 years.

Las Américas does not attempt to become a historical exposition, but a chronicle, which, through images, puts the role of women in the evolution of society into dialogue with the advances in the recognition of fundamental rights. The images and photojournalism have a language of their own, which shows, with a special vitality, the everyday life and concrete situations, helping us to understand realities which are not known very well or which are far from our perceptions.

The story line of the exposition arises from the contents of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). Approved in 1996, they unite in a very clear manner the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed more concretely in the 4th World Conference in Beijing 1995. This framework of reference allows us to relate the figures and historical facts to a few principles that the international community has accepted as an expression of social and political advancement and the consideration of universal rights. The exposition proposes to reflect on the state of consolidation of fundamental rights through the contribution that the graphic work has achieved, and is still achieving, to show the citizens the symbolic representations of these facts.

It does not attempt to conduct a historical study on the situation of women in the continent. Las Américas incorporates the image of women as the constructor of this modernity. The majority is made up of anonymous women who contribute to the democratic consolidation of their country, who struggle in daily routines, who work hard in the society where they have to live, who are present in their environment in many ways and who demand an equal treatment as parts of the citizenry and who, ultimately, have fought for the rights of all.

The exhibition is the result of the fruit of exchanges and work of different experts, conducted simultaneously in Spain, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico, establishing a dialogue, to which the visions that the exposition stirs up in the spectators are contributed and which will keep gathering the perspectives that are produced in the wake of future events in Latin America. It also adds value to the documentation work conducted by photographers, chroniclers, historians, information and documentation centers, image archives, film libraries, databases, etc. An interactive virtual space has also been incorporated as another element of the exhibition discourse. 

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