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ORGANUM in management and cultural policies

The evolution of all professional and academic fields require the elaboration of conceptual references established through proper logic.

The construction of the references utilized in the environment of cultural policies and cultural management has continued to be prepared through a process of experience conceptualization and subsequently has continued to receive the support of research from different disciplines which have an impact on this field of political and social action. Despite this situation, our task regarding applied research and training has often encountered semantic and conceptual difficulties which hinder our reflection and share important dysfunctions.

In this sense, we have thought that it would be helpful to conduct an exercise to order the different reflections and concepts that we have been utilizing in the practice of cultural management and in specialized training programs. As a result of this process, Organum is structured as an experience and debate proposal for the sector itself and with the intention of creating an instrument of conceptual reflection.

Organum is conceived as a system of related concepts that emerge from the necessity to order a great amount of experience in the field of cultural management and cultural policies. Its main objective is to provide a dynamic instrument (we think that it is a permanent process of update and reflection in accordance with the dynamic evolution of the cultural sector) serving training, research and documentation for different cultural agents through contrasts and confrontations with people studying culture or culture professionals who provide us with the resources of their experience as a form of knowledge.

Through Semantic Fields, Thematic and Alphabetic Thesaurus and Conceptual Maps (which organize a great number of terms presented in English, Spanish and Catalan), it tries to give form to an experimental practice, which, by its characteristics and history, is presented to us in quite a disorganized manner.

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