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Virtual Course on Local Cultural Management (OEI) — April 15, 2016


Virtual Course specializing in Cultural Management in the Local Environment of Ibero-America. Training for cultural action in the local environment connected to a concept of citizenry, based on participation in cultural life and directed towards the reinforcement of capacities for wellbeing, equality and social justice.

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The potential of Education, Arts and Culture in Development Processes and Actions


We have the pleasure of announcing the start of the online enrollment period for the course The potential of Education, Arts and Culture in Development Processes and Actions, which will take place between June 22 and October 28, 2015.

This course provides a general vision regarding the relationship between culture and development, placing special emphasis on the education and training of young people as indispensable factors for the strengthening of communities and their development. The goal of the course is to transmit some precise knowledge as to how the relationship between education and culture is shaped to serve development. Furthermore, the course offers practical tools for the agents of the sector of culture and cooperation.

In this sense, the general objectives are as follows:

  • To raise awareness in the cultural perspective for development, the potential of arts and culture in general as driving forces and facilitators behind community development.
  • To provide a conceptual, theoretical and normative framework in the subjects of development, education and culture.
  • To promote development focused on the strengthening of capabilities.
  • To highlight and add value to the experiences achieved within a certain context (in this case, South Africa) to learn from practice.
  • To systematize a work methodology and offer tools that allow agents to develop and improve the efficacy of their actions within the scope of cooperation for development.

    This course is especially for:
  • Coordinators that provide capacity-building for young people through arts and culture in South Africa.
  • The team of Humana People to People, who would like to deepen the cultural perspective of development through reflections, conceptual tools and methodology.
  • People from different organizations and institutions that develop in an area of cultural management, international cooperation, artistic education or community development.
  • Any person who, with or without prior experience, would like to focus their professional practice on the field of education, culture and development.

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Virtual course on international cultural relations (OEI)


Training proposal on foreign policies and cultural management and international cultural cooperation in the Ibero-American region.

The course has been created with the voluntary efforts of the Ibero-American States Organization for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) to design and implement a type of training that responds to the above-mentioned training necessities based on both the practical experience and methodology of both organisms. With this objective, the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Cooperation of the University of Girona prepared the training program and course materials.

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