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«Narrative imagination and training of trainers», by Gemma Carbó.

«The contributions of Culture to Development and the fight against poverty», Alfons Martinell Sempere.

«Culture and education», by Teixeira Coelho (org.), Alfons Martinell, Edgar de Assis Carvalho, Gemma Carbó, Jurema Machado, Lucina Jiménez, Patricio Rivas and Saúl Sosnowski

«Study on the cultural sector in the regions of Girona», by Alfons Martinell, Gemma Carbó, Taína López and Clara Martinell

«Cultural history of Cine-NIC», by Gemma Carbó.

«Imagination», by Gemma Carbó.

«Museums: temple of muses or center for citizens?», by Gemma Carbó and Mireia Mayolas.

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